Does Scotland Need a New Political Party?

With the SNP pushing for a second referendum in the wake of Brexit and a disaffected Parliament in Westminster, many are questioning how Scotland is represented on a national and international scale.

Push back from unhappy voters has prompted parties to reconsider their positions, but is a new party the answer? Join newcomer political party Renew Britain and SNP MP Stephen Gethins for a town hall to answer the question: Does Scotland Need a New Political Party?


Founded by Chris Coghlan in 2017 in response to Brexit, the Renew Party is one that aims to transform British Politics by using a people-centered approach to recruit people all over the country to stand for a position in Parliament. The new party feels that if the citizens themselves are more involved in the leadership of their country instead of career politicians then they will be more inclined to work on declining living standards and help to combat the poverty that they see first-hand on their tube journeys.


A Scotland native, born in Glasgow and a 1998 graduate of the University of Dundee with a Bachelor of the Laws, Stephen Gethins is known for his career in politics and his leadership in the SNP. Stephen Gethins has held many leadership positions in and out of public office, dedicating much of his career before Parliament to NGO work. After a 2015 victory in his election to represent North East Fife, Stephen would be made SNP spokesperson at Westminster and in July would be the House of Commons’ first SNP member. He continues to represent North East Fife after winning his 2017 election by a razor-thin margin.