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Peter Brabeck - Nutrition for a Better Life

Peter Brabeck, Chairman Emeritus and former CEO of Nestlé, joined us on Monday for a fascinating talk on the future of nutrition in the 21st century. 

During his time at Nestlé, Chairman Brabeck transformed the Fortune 100 giant from a simple food and beverage producer to a nutrition provider. During his presentation, titled after his book Nutrition for a Better Life, Chairman Brabeck explained that this transition was vital because of the changing conditions of human existence going into the next millennium. 

The food industry is one of the least talked about but most important sectors of modern life.  Presenting health statistics and research about human health, Chairman Brabeck demonstrated why society desperately needs a paradigm shift in the way we understand our diets. 

After showing how nutritional science can be used to reduce sugar content in sweet foods and neutralize chronic diseases, Chairman Brabeck answered questions on a variety of topics. The group discussed the relative benefits of GMO use in agriculture, as well as the corporate responsibility of companies like Nestlé  to reduce their environmental impact. 

However, the discussion was not without controversy. Chairman Brabeck has often been criticized for his comments regarding the valuation of water. When a student confronted him about these statements, he carefully explained the meaning behind them. Peter Brabeck believes that the water required for hydration and hygiene is a human right. What is not a human right, is the water used by modern society to water golf courses, wash cars, and perform other nonessential activities. He fears that because we take water for granted, there will be none left to drink and bathe with when we need it. 

Overall, the Q&A session was enlightening, providing much needed insight into a complex understanding of where Nestlé stands on accessibility to water resources.