Gideon Rachman - The Lafayette PODCAST

Gideon Rachman became chief foreign affairs columnist for the Financial Times in July 2006. He joined the FT after a 15-year career at The Economist, which included spells as a foreign correspondent in Brussels, Washington and Bangkok. He also edited The Economist’s business and Asia sections. His particular interests include American foreign policy, the European Union and globalisation.

In August 2016, Rachman published a book entitled - "Easternisation - War and Peace in the Asian Century". The book argued that 500 years of Western domination of global politics is coming to an end as the result of the rise of new powers in Asia. It focused on the threat of conflict between the US and China, America's eroding global position and rivalries between China and its neighbours. The book was called "masterly" by the Sunday Times and "superb" by the Daily Telegraph. Yale historian, Paul Kennedy, said - "This is truly one of those works you can say you wished our political leaders would read and ponder its great implications."