Armando Iannucci - The Lafayette PODCAST

Armando Iannucci is one of the most critically acclaimed British comedy writers and producers of the past 20 years. His screenplay for his film "In The Loop" (starring Peter Capaldi, Tom Hollander and James Gandolfini) was nominated for an Oscar® and his most recent show, "The Thick of It," picked up three BAFTAs. Armando has also won ten British Comedy Awards, including a Special Award for his contribution to British comedy, and, in 2011, a Special Writers' Guild of Great Britain Award. For research purposes he sneaked into the US State Dept without a proper pass but with a camera, and he once persuaded an unwitting OJ Simpson to sign a piece of paper which, when unfolded, revealed the words ‘I Did It.' 

Armando Iannucci is best known in the UK as creator and show-runner for "The Thick of It," about a beleaguered minister trying to cope with the pressure imposed by his army of spin doctor. He started his career 20 years earlier as a radio producer, creating "On the Hour." This spoof news show transferred to TV as "The Day Today" and spawned Alan Partridge, whose BAFTA-winning shows on TV Armando produce, as well as co-writing with Steve Coogan. Armando has also fronted his own satirical shows, including "The Friday Night Armistice" on BBC Two, and his self-titled show on Channel 4. He has also worked on a number of Radio 3 shows because of his passion for classical music, and has written and presented his own BBC TV documentaries on Charles Dickens and John Milton. 

Armando has been a regular columnist for the Observer, and Gramophone Magazineand a collection of his earlier newspaper work for the Telegraph and the Guardian was published in a 1997 collection, "Facts and Fancies," and a 2009 volume, "The Audacity of Hype." In 2008, Armando wrote the libretto for Opera North's production "Skin Deep" about plastic surgery. In 2006 he was appointed Visiting Professor of Broadcast Media at Oxford University, and delivered the 2008 Alternative MacTaggart Lecture at the Edinburgh International Television Festival.

In April 2011, he became Creative Director of Baby Cow Productions. In 2010 he was made Patron of the Oxford Silver Star Baby Unit, a specialist maternity unit for mothers with difficult pregnancies, and has campaigned publicly for the protection of the National Health Service and for continued funding for this vital specialist care unit.